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Start-up Business Loan

Up to RM 500,000

Granting Loan up to RM500,000 for baby company whereby operating less than 3 years.

Business Loan

Up to RM 3,000,000

General working capital up to RM 3,000,000 whereby used for expanding business, bulk purchase of inventory etc.

Pledge your residential, shop lot or factory for Trade Facility, Overdraft or Term.

Debt Consolidation

All Debt into one account

Debt consolidation is a form of debt refinancing in which one loan is taken out to pay off many others. A debt cycle is a continuous borrowing that leads to higher debt, rising interest costs, and eventually default. If a person spends more than they earn, they will go into debt as interest costs become a significant monthly expense.

Risk-transfer for an expectation or unpredictable incident. Insurance coverage on key man no for business to sustain in the industry, but to ensure next-of-kin might no take over debt that you left over with the business.

What Our Clients Say

Thanks to The Bridge for their Start-up Business Loan service, I was able to turn my business idea into a reality. The application process was smooth and efficient, and the loan provided necessary capital to launch my first start-up business. I highly recommend their service to all aspiring entrepreneurs!"

Mr.Lee Start-up Business Loan

I am extremely satisfied with the Business Loan service. They provided me with the capital I needed to invest in new equipment and scale my business. The competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options made it a win-win situation. I highly recommend their loan services to fellow entrepreneurs.

Khairuddin Amirul Business Loan

This is my first time doing Refinancing. I am extremely satisfied with their refinancing services. They helped me secure a lower interest rate and better terms on my mortgage, resulting in significant savings over the long term. Their expertise and personalized approach made the entire process smooth.

Mr.Shaman Refinancing

They provided me with a comprehensive debt management plan that allowed me to consolidate my debts and regain control over my finances. Their team's expertise, prompt communication, and unwavering support made the entire process stress-free and highly satisfying.

Kenneth Leong Debt Consolidation
The Bridge

Frequently asked questions.

We have strong connection with banks/financial institution, lawyer, accountant/auditor. These parties are aligning with us to provide accurate solution to our clients.

As a service provider, we provide 1to1 Consultation with Zero Up-Front Fees. Outcome and Satisfaction is always our core services to clients.

Fees will be advice upon result proven.

Your loan application can be rejected for several reasons:

  • Bad credit scores
  • Insufficient income
  • High debt-to-income ration
  • Missing key information or documents

You may consult a financial agency like us. We can help you to identify why your loan application was rejected and assist you to submit necessary and essential documents to improve the chances of getting approval.

Debt consolidation is when an individual obtains new loan to pay off other expenses.  By consolidating multiple debts into one larger debt, usually will get favorable payoff terms, such as individuals can benefit from paying lower monthly commitments. 

his approach is applicable to various types of debt, including:

  1. Credit card debt
  2. Medical debt
  3. Personal loans
  4. Student loans
  5. Other loans

Through debt consolidation, individuals can simplify their financial obligations and potentially achieve more manageable and cost-effective repayment plans.

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